Try to be in Our Shoes


Have you ever had someone tell you that ‘your pain’ can’t be that bad? Or ‘Cmon you can do this’ when you can’t with your pain and achy joints? Arthritis is an invisible disease, there isn’t much that is shown to the outside world when you have it. The easiest way to get them to understand would be to magically swap our bodies, so they would be in our shoes. Only then would they truly understand what we, that suffer from arthritis, have to go through. Sadly, we can’t swap shoes with someone that doesn’t believe arthritis is a terrible disease. What we can do instead is to help spread awareness and educate friends, family, and coworkers about the disease. Spreading awareness will definitely help you build a support network of people that are more understanding of what you have to go through.

Our team at Osteoarthritis Management, wants to continue to provide support to those living with Arthritis. We have made an E-book about the best exercise techniques that we want to give out for free (A $10 value).

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